May 18th, 2012

More from Munich

It’s all over now but we still have some stuff to show. We finally managed to find some time to have a look at this HUGE show.

Silbatone Acoustics

We have featured these guys before but they are so cool that we had to stay for a listen again. Gigantic antique restored theatre and cinema speakers from Silbatone Acoustics. Very impressive.

I must say that even though I normally go for more minimal designs, I do really like the way this looks. And the way it sounds of course. Grande Utopia EM from Focal.

Quite cool looking Kawero! from Kaiser Acoustics.

This is the MSB room with SW speakers.


Blade Runner -esque monoblocks.

And their latest Analogue Dac.

A lot of the rooms had a sort of jungle theme to theme this year for some reason. You really did get a feeling that the speakers were tree trunks in the Nola room. It sounded very good as well.

Static induction transistor b-1d from Digital Domain.

We have more from Muncih, so we’ll be back soon.

Happy Friday:)

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3 Comments on “More from Munich”

  1. 1 behran said at 22:11 on May 22nd, 2012:

    hi dear
    i hope you had a great time at Munich
    i have got a question and it woul be great if i get yor answer
    does ASR Emitter amp suit coltrane speaker series?
    and will they match and work togther well?

    waitting for yur answer

  2. 2 Behrang said at 15:43 on June 7th, 2012:

    hello dear Marten
    Some days ago I asked you a question about the ASR Emitter and coltrane speakers that, can they work together good or not, I know that was such an inappropriate question cause I already knew ASR is one of bests for Marten speakers.
    Anyway I was asked by a friend to ask you that.
    Thanks for your attention

  3. 3 Lars said at 12:44 on June 20th, 2012:

    Hello Behrang
    Sorry about the delay on this. I will find out for you asap.

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