September 15th, 2012

Super demo at Marten Centre

We all had a lot of fun yesterday at Marten Centre. Loads of audiophiles and other nerds šŸ™‚ came for a party at our centre in Gothenburg. There’s a really cool show in town called ‘Gothenburg Audio Visual 2012‘. We are actually part of the show but on our own premises.

party night @ Marten Centre

party night @ Marten Centre

party night @ Marten Centre

Our newly refreshed big listening room was packed all night. Leif played music on the Coltrane Momentos. This is the whole set up:

Loudspeakers: Marten Coltrane Momento
Power amp: Marten M.Amp
Pre amp: Marten M.Pre (prototype, more news about this coming soon)
DAC/Transport: MSB Diamond DAC and Signature Data CD transport
Record player: Bergmann Sleipner
Pickup: Ortofon MC Anna
Phono pre: Whest Audio MC Ref V MK IV
Cables: Jorma Design Prime
Aucoustics: SvanƄ Miljƶteknik

It sounded awesome!

party night @ Marten Centre

In the shop we played music on the Django XL with Townshend Rock 7 record player alternating with Bergmann Magne record player and Bladelius media player with NAT electronics.

Great music filled fun all night:)

If you are in town, please come for a visit between 12 – 4pm tomorrow.

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