November 30th, 2009

The great wall of sound in Beijing

Coltrane Momento

So there we were in Beijing at the biggest dealer of hig end equipment.  The dealer is called “Superwave”. This is an amazing shop with 16 listening rooms and lots and lots of high end stuff. This shop is well worth a visit.

Mr Cheng, the owner of “Superwave Group”, has 7 more shops in Beijing.

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November 16th, 2009

Hifi & Surround 2009 in Copenhagen

Marten’s new distributor in Denmark, Absolute Hifi, sorted out a room for us at the Hifi & Surround show in Copenhagen last weekend. It’s not the biggest of HiFi show, but it concentrates on quality rather than quantity and also, it is always fun to visit Copenhagen/Denmark.

Loudspeakers Marten Heritage Bird, Power amps; the Atlas model from Aesthetix, Phono stage Aesthetix IO, Preamp Aesthetix Calypso, Media player from qsonix and Turntable from German TW Acustic. This fabulous reference model is called Raven Black Night. Thanks to Audionet from for the photo.

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November 13th, 2009

More from Shantou

We’re now back in Hong-Kong, enjoying the craziness of this city. As we have so many photos from Shantou, I thought that I just might post some more.


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November 8th, 2009

The fat lady sang…

…and the show is unfortunately over. Everything is packed already and on it’s way to Beijing, for an exclusive demo at one of the biggest High End dealers there. All of us are knackered but really happy and content with the show.

Please have a look at some more pictures from the show.

Show's over

Packing up Momento, all overlooked by our brilliant distributor in China, Lee-Ming.

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November 7th, 2009

Coltrane Momento

Coltrane Momento

World premiere at the Shantou Audi Trade Fair

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November 6th, 2009

Reporting straight from Shantou HiFi Show

Hello and welcome to the new Marten Speaker blog.

In this space you can find out news about Marten and general High End Audio. We will update fairly frequently and also upload a lot of photos, connected to our Flickr photostream where you will be able to find a more extensive collection of images, such as the Marten speaker collection.

We start off with going all the way to China. There we will participate at the Shantou HiFi Show 09 at the Regency Hotel, where we have an introduction to make to the world. Please come back and read/see more about it later.

We hope you will enjoy following us on this space.


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