May 30th, 2016

Party time!

We recently moved to new tailor built premises in Gothenburg. The site has new exclusive showrooms, offices, streamlined manufacturing facilities, stock rooms as well as an immense listening room with the latest technology from SMT. This room will also function as a live recording studio for Marten Recordings.




This week we celebrated this with a real fun Grand Opening Party.


Lots of friends and colleagues came for food and drinks.


Sven Bilén from Nomono with his camera at the ready.


And of course there were lots of music, both recorded and live!

Rhythm Art Duo: Daniel Berg & Fredrik Duvling

Leif is here introducing the Rhythm Art Duo: Daniel Berg & Fredrik Duvling, and violinist Tobias Grahn.



Here they are performing their fantastic ‘Requiem to a Machine’ using chains, cogs and other pieces from heavy machinery.


They of course played on the Marimba as well.


Here is a part of the new ‘Marten Factory’.

Big thanks to everyone that came to celebrate! There will be more parties to come.


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