January 7th, 2010

CES 2010 – Getting warmer


Finally in glitzy Las Vegas and all that comes with it; casinos, Elvis impersonators, drive-in weddings and of course the biggest Electronics Show in the world. As you get used to the perfumed air (they actually scent the air in most of the casinos) it is quite a cool place to be.


Here at The Venetian, known to be one of the biggest hotels in the world with more than 4000 rooms, the show has slowly been getting together during the day and is almost ready for the big day tomorrow.


Our great distributor in The States, Dan Meinwald getting the E.A.R. room ready.


All things under control with Coltrane Momento in the Vitus Audio room. Hans-Ole Vitus chatting to Jörgen and Leif.


The Coltrane Soprano looking lonely in the Engstrom & Engstrom (The Lars) room. This room looked really stylish at the end of the day, we’ll show more photos later on.


Un-packing the Heritage Getz loudspeakers for the world-premiere in the Bladelius room.


A fellow blogger perhaps, in a quiet corner of The Venetian.

We’ll be reporting more tomorrow, now it’s time for a burger.


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