March 7th, 2014

CES Show reports #2

A few more show reports from CES 2014:

 it sounded delicately detailed, with a superbly stable rendering of the recording venue


I was so amazed by the sound of the Marten Coltrane Supreme 2, that I totally forgot to even check what other equipment was in the room.

Positive Feedback Part 1
Positive Feedback Part 2

Coltrane Supreme II speakers driven by Pass Labs amps sounded superb and solid.


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June 24th, 2013


Two awards form Positive Feedback, how cool is that? One for our room with Harmonic Tech and one for Dan Meinwald’s E.A.R./Marten room. Great stuff!


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January 18th, 2013

Excellent Duke 2 review!

the Duke 2’s are groundbreaking in their newfound lushness, major league detail retrieval, and sense of wondrous reality.

Many thanks to Robert H. Levi at Positive Feedback for this amazing review.

Marten Heritage Duke 2


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January 11th, 2013

CES: day 3


Here’s last years success Django XL in suite 29-121, The Antelope Audio Room. They sound wicked with this rather complex setup.


In the middle there’s a sort of retro-futuristic rack that contains an Orion 32  audio master clock, a Zodiac Gold 10M Master clock, Kaplan cable connections, Bully Sound Company BSC 60s Power amplifier, Music Vault Diamond, EAR 834-P Phono Preamp. It sounds as good as it looks cool.

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December 22nd, 2011

Taste Rules!

Massive thanks to Robert H. Levi at Positive Feedback for this wonderful review of our latest model, Django.

I have rarely heard better sound staging, depth, definition, or imaging in speakers

Don’t forget to try and win a pair of Djangos here>>

Marten Django

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November 9th, 2011

The PFO Audio Oasis!

The PFO Audio Oasis

We realised that we were part of a ‘The PFO Audio Oasis!’ at THE Show in Newport Beach. Our man Dan Meinwald exhibited with his usual stuff and of course he won the award. David W. Robinson start off his article with

Here’s a big no-surprise: Dan Meinwald’s room was sounding superb, as always.

Thank you very much to PFO.

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April 5th, 2011

Great review on FormFloor

FormFloor pair

A big thank you to Victor Chavira at Positive Feedback for this great review.

“If you are in search of a speaker with exceedingly clear voice and dynamic force to fill a medium sized room with panoramic sound, put the Marten FormFloors at the top of your list. Highly recommended!”

Please read more here.

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