January 11th, 2013

CES: day 3


Here’s last years success Django XL in suite 29-121, The Antelope Audio Room. They sound wicked with this rather complex setup.


In the middle there’s a sort of retro-futuristic rack that contains an Orion 32  audio master clock, a Zodiac Gold 10M Master clock, Kaplan cable connections, Bully Sound Company BSC 60s Power amplifier, Music Vault Diamond, EAR 834-P Phono Preamp. It sounds as good as it looks cool.


This is the view from our room. Right across there’s an extravagant looking speaker called S8 from Angel Sound.


Sounds really good and we’re liking the sports car-ish look!


We had dinner a couple of nights ago with a real nice bunch of Aussies. They’re called SGR Audio and create these great sounding/looking speakers and electronics. The also make use of MSB that we distribute in Sweden.




Here’s Leif and Danny Kaey from Positive Feedback in matching pink shirts:)


Bye bye for now from the beautiful bride in the canals of Venice.

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