June 22nd, 2012

Happy Midsummer everyone!

Midsummer 2012

Today is one of the biggest celebrations of the year in Sweden, midsummers eve.  Skål!

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June 20th, 2012

Famous Fellow

Django in Audio

In May, our Django XL made it to the magazine cover of Korean hifi mag ‘Audio’. It looks pretty good in grey doesn’t it?

Thanks a lot:)

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June 6th, 2012

Yet another great test of Django XL

Marten Django

Thank you very much to Stefan Gawlick at Hifi&Records in Germany for this great review. As usual, the translation is so so but hopefully you get the gist:

How is this possible? That is the question I have asked myself many times during my time with Django. It is quite clear that one must look with a magnifying glass to find a speaker with such a bandwidth, wide soundstage, detail and balance. The joy that this speaker conveys with small competent amplifier is great. The Marten Django is a declaration of war and that a clear one!

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