June 13th, 2015

Coltrane Supreme 2 – Meet Your Maker in HiFi+

the Marten Coltrane Supreme 2´s real success will not be measured in sales, but in the influence in exerts over the Marten range, and – in a wider perspective – the whole high-end loudspeaker market. It´s that important!


There’s a great article in the HiFi+ Loudspeaker Special, Issue no 123 of the UK magazine. Written by former editor in chief Roy Gregory and current editor in chief Alan Sircom. It’s all about our company and especially Coltrane Supreme 2.

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July 12th, 2012

HiFi+ review

We are so happy to read this review from Roy Gregory at HiFi+. You can download the review as a pdf here.

This is the best balanced and most musically satisfying speaker I’ve heard from the company – by some distance.

Thank you very much Mr Gregory.

Coltrane 2 in HiFi+

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