January 22nd, 2013

A little more…

from CES. Even though it’s a while ago, we thought we might just write one lats post about it. We’re almost in a bit o sentimental mood now when it’s so far to the next one:)


There were a lot of interest in this recorder from Nagra. A proper geeky collectors item in our room.

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January 15th, 2011

More from Vegas

M•Amp by night

M•Amp by night

We have a lot more to show from CES 2011 so here we go:


The new, very interesting USB Dac from Bladelius. Seems to have very high quality both in performance and appearance.

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January 22nd, 2010

A distant dream

The Dream Weekend 27-28/11/09
It might seem like a distant dream now after the holidays and CES but the Marten Showroom was crowded with audio lovers on the last weekend in November 09.

Erik Andersson and Ola Hesselvall, demonstrated their latest amplifier project: The Dream. This has been legendary audio designer Erik’s dream for many years and he has really put all of his experience and heart into it.

The tube amplifier has direct heated triodes (Russian GM70) which are unusually powerful for being single ended (40W). The setup was really something, with our new reference model Coltrane Momento, Jorma Prime cables, Bladelius Embla CD-player, EAT Forte turntable, Helius Omega 12″ tone-arm, Einstein Audio TU3 cartridge and Einstein Audio “Little Big Phono” phonostage.

The furniture used was G.A.D.-Marten. By that we mean the audio furniture and not the brand of the sofa we sat on. And no, it’s not from IKEA:)

The Dream

Hesselvall Audio The Dream in cool bright red.

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