June 1st, 2011

Surf’s Up

There’s this amazing huge park in munich, called Englisher Garten where there are a lot of canals that you actually can swim in. At the last day of our visit last week, the weather was so warm and the park filled up with sunbathers and also surfers.

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One of the canals has a constant wave you can surf on. Pretty cool eh?

We also did some surfing but it was more of the couch surfing kind:) where we listened a to all kinds of stuff.

Weird and wonderful looking speakers from Italian Suon’Arte.

Electronics from dCS and Jeff Rowland. Loudspeakers from Avalon Acoustics.

The insides of dCS.

All kinds of stuff in the Accuton room.

Very nicely styled Italian amplifiers from Absoluta. They look a bit like they could have been designed in the 1950’s.

Huge white horn speakers from German Cessaro Horn Acoustics. The sound was big, nice and airy, very suitable to the look of the speakers.

Very good sounds from another italian, Pathos Acoustics.

We have a lot more from the High End show in Munich so please come back soon.


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