February 8th, 2011

Just one more thing…

from CES.

We received a lot of attention for our brilliant diffusors from Svanå Miljöteknik in Sweden.

Trump Tower - Svanå Miljöteknik

Apparently there's a famous building in the background but we keep the focus on more important things:)

These diffusors are the nicest looking ones that I have ever seen. They are normally rather colossal with the WAF factor on a bare minimum.

Svanå Miljöteknik Diffusors

We had them towering around our whole listening area and they really helped compensating for the fact that the space was rather small.

Svanå Miljöteknik Diffusors

The layered clear acrylic made for a sheer, delicate look and participated in creating a clean sound. They also come in other finishes such as veneered mdf.

Svanå Miljöteknik Diffusors

Here they are together with our latest loudspeaker, the mighty Coltrane 2.

That’s the last we have from CES 2011

Leaving Las Vegas

Bye bye Vegas, see you next year.



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2 Comments on “Just one more thing…”

  1. 1 Behrang said at 20:13 on February 11th, 2011:

    hi there
    i have an idea about those brilliant diffusers i think they are gonna be perfect everywhere they are used because of one important reason , there are lots audiophiles who do not like to use woody diffuser because of the special pattern of the furnitures and the room, but those transparent diffusers actually have no effect on the room and furniture style, so , i think everybody can like those nice diffusers.
    that was just my opinion
    happy, merry,and nice life for all and dear Lars.

  2. 2 Lars said at 21:16 on February 11th, 2011:

    Hi there
    I know, they are really nice aren’t they. I’d choose them over anything I’ve seen before.
    Thank you Behrang

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