September 25th, 2014

Scandinavian music today

There’s been a lot of words written about modern Scandinavian music, mainly because it’s known to be fresh electronic pop that has its own sound. Those words has not been written in High End audio publications previously since the sound quality hasn’t been anywhere near good enough. They might sound good in a club or in headphones but that’s about it. Improve your listening experience with the Best wireless earbuds of this year.

Little Dragon by Marco Van Rijt

Little Dragon by Marco Van Rijt

Now, things are changing. If you have a listen to Gothenburg band Little Dragon’s latest album ‘Nabuma Rubberband’ you’ll find amazing sounding music with real high quality. Yukimi Nagano‘s voice sound crystal clear agains the deep electronic tones.

Röyksopp Robyn Do It Again

Röyksopp Robyn – Do It Again

Norwegian pop duo Röyksopp and Swedish pop artist Robyn have also recently released an EP called ‘Do It Again‘ together that has a rich, detailed and great sounding electronic production.

So, if you’re in to pop but find it hard to discover music that sounds good on your own system you should give these guys a chance. Also, comment if you have any other suggestions that you think would belong here.

If anyone knows Little Dragon you should tell them to pop in considering they’re in Gothenburg as well:) We have Coltrane Supreme 2 set up now in the big Svanå level 3 listening room and ‘Nabuma Rubberband’ sound absolutely amazing. Official invite to Little Dragon! Contact on: +44 31 20 72 00

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March 18th, 2012

“Refined High End”

We just received this amazing review of our new Django loudspeaker in well renowned Norwegian Fidelity #56

“The speaker feels homogeneous from top to bottom, while the speed and the exemplary micro-dynamics provides an excellent crispness and detail to support themselves on a mountain of solid fundaments. Piano sounds amazingly natural and detailed.”

Very roughly translated, but you can imagine that we’re very happy about this:) Big thank you to Knut Vadseth och Trond Torgnesskar.

Django in Norwegian Fidelity

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