May 17th, 2014


Leif Olofsson & Anne Bisson

Leif Olofsson & Anne Bisson

Something really cool happened today. Our friend Vital Gbezo, marketing manager for QAT, popped in today with the amazing jazz singer Anne Bisson. She played a few tracks from her album ‘Blue Mind’ and chatted a bit about her experience recording it. We were all a bit starstruck listening to this brilliantly sounding music together with the artist. A pretty special moment all together. She said that she was completely taken back to the moment of performing which we take as a really nice compliment. Thanks for stopping by Anne!

Anne Bisson

Vital Gbezo, Anne Bisson, Matts Odenmalm and Leif Olofsson

Anne Bisson

Anne Bisson

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January 10th, 2014

Supreme Sessions

We have been working on a great project for the last year that we’re presenting here at CES 2014. We call it ‘Supreme Sessions’. This is our own record label. The main thing here is that we want the recordings to be as real as possible and therefore we’re only using two channels and two microphones.

Supreme Sessions album cover

We will release the album this spring. It’s all completely live and made with as little mastering as possible to recreate the ‘magic’ that happens when the music being performed. That’s what high-fidelity is all about isn’t it?

We have a whole lot of different artists being recorded in several different styles but mainly jazz. Peter Axelsson is our very talented musical director and recording engineer and of course musician.

Sjöströmska Kvartetten

This is ‘Sjöströmska Kvartetten‘, a fantastic string quartet playing a selection of classical tunes.

Matti Ollikainen & Peter Axelsson

Matti Ollikainen playing the Blüthner grand piano & Peter Axelsson on double bass.

Peter Axelsson & Mitch Hiller

Peter Axelsson again with british singer song writer Mitch Hiller.

Blüthner Grand Piano

We loved the sound from the huge Blüthner grand.

Watch this space for more soon.

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March 11th, 2010

Divine music at Nefertiti

One Friday night in February we got a table at the brilliant jazz spot called Nefertiti in Gothenburg. We suffer from a very cold and extremely snowy winter in Gothenburg and we needed to warm ourselves with some high quality live music.

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February 26th, 2010

New York Blues

After CES earlier this year we went to New York for a few days and re-discovered how easy it is to find good live music. There are loads of incredibly talented artists playing every night of the week in this city.

Andrew Nicholas -

Photo: Andrew Nicholas -

After a nice authentic NYC dinner at the classical institution Peter Luger Steakhouse in Brooklyn, we arrived quite late at the Terra Blues Club in Greenwich Village. Having eaten a good chunk of delicious meat we were in the best of moods. We got a table, ordered a few beers and then the music started. What a shock – we were totally blown away by this guitarist and his trio. Loud, long, powerful jamming tunes that sometimes went from one song and seamlessly changed over to another one. Suddenly a trumpetist arrived at the dark stage playing a solo – and this underlined the openness of the music.

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