January 9th, 2014

And finally, The Room!

It took a while but finally we could find a moment to post this. All of the diffusors were delivered at midnight the night before the show so the room wasn’t ready until just a couple of hours before the show opened! Such a great feeling to do the final touches after so much hard and stressful work.

Marten Coltrane Supreme 2

The Coltrane Supreme 2 really sound absolutely fantastic.

Marten Coltrane Supreme 2

Marten Coltrane Supreme 2

All together with the rest of the coolest stuff:

Starting off with:

SMT ceiling

This is what came so late but it was worth the wait. SMT‘s amazing diffusor/reflection ceiling.

Jorma Design Statement - brand new cables

Jorma Design Statement – brand new cables

Pass Labs

Pass Labs Mono Power Amps: XS300




Pass Labs XS pre amps

Whest Audio

Whest Audio Phonostage Ref 5 MK4

Bergmann turntable

Bergmann Audio Sleipner turntable with Ortofon Mc Anna cartridge.


MSB Diamond Dac and UMT Plus



As all of us main exhibitors (Marten. Jorma Design and SMT) are Swedish we gave the entrance a slight Swedish feel with birch trunks.



Swedish flag

Dan Meinwald

Dan Meinwald doing his thing

We’ll be back tomorrow, cheers!

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January 7th, 2012

Goodbye Europe

Bye Europe

Hello U.S.A.

Trump Tower - Las Vegas

Here we are again in glimmering Las Vegas preparing for CES 2012. We have a feeling this years show will be cooler than ever with all the attention the Djangos already have had.

Also, we really hope you all had nice holidays and, Happy New Year:)

See you soon.

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November 16th, 2011

Win a pair of Marten Django speakers

Django is the new model from Marten for 2012. They will have their official world premier at CES 2012.

As a celebration of the release of these fantastic new speakers, we have one pair that will go to a lucky winner. Please go to www.martencompetition.com and participate.

Good luck!

Marten Django Competition

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January 9th, 2010

CES 2010 – TGI Friday

What type of cold do you get in a place like Las Vegas? A fake one of course. Perfumed, air-conditioned air plus jet lag can feel like a real bad cold but after a good nights sleep you feel ok again. Even just a fake cold can make your energy levels low so this day dragged on a bit.


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January 7th, 2010

CES 2010 – Getting warmer


Finally in glitzy Las Vegas and all that comes with it; casinos, Elvis impersonators, drive-in weddings and of course the biggest Electronics Show in the world. As you get used to the perfumed air (they actually scent the air in most of the casinos) it is quite a cool place to be.

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