February 18th, 2014

CES Show reports #1

There are a good few show reports from CES out there, we start with linking you to Dagogo:

the tour de force Marten Supreme II system driven by Pass Xs series electronics which was clearly and by a rather wide margin the best sound I heard.

Two other knockouts were Neemi Jarvi conducting Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony and Gina Bachauer playing Beethoven’s Second Piano Concerto on a Mercury recording. In both instances, spatial information was excellent with good depth, imaging and soundstage. The sound of both piano and violin was also very natural. I wish that I had the resources to own a pair.


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January 10th, 2014

Supreme Sessions

We have been working on a great project for the last year that we’re presenting here at CES 2014. We call it ‘Supreme Sessions’. This is our own record label. The main thing here is that we want the recordings to be as real as possible and therefore we’re only using two channels and two microphones.

Supreme Sessions album cover

We will release the album this spring. It’s all completely live and made with as little mastering as possible to recreate the ‘magic’ that happens when the music being performed. That’s what high-fidelity is all about isn’t it?

We have a whole lot of different artists being recorded in several different styles but mainly jazz. Peter Axelsson is our very talented musical director and recording engineer and of course musician.

Sjöströmska Kvartetten

This is ‘Sjöströmska Kvartetten‘, a fantastic string quartet playing a selection of classical tunes.

Matti Ollikainen & Peter Axelsson

Matti Ollikainen playing the Blüthner grand piano & Peter Axelsson on double bass.

Peter Axelsson & Mitch Hiller

Peter Axelsson again with british singer song writer Mitch Hiller.

Blüthner Grand Piano

We loved the sound from the huge Blüthner grand.

Watch this space for more soon.

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January 9th, 2014

And finally, The Room!

It took a while but finally we could find a moment to post this. All of the diffusors were delivered at midnight the night before the show so the room wasn’t ready until just a couple of hours before the show opened! Such a great feeling to do the final touches after so much hard and stressful work.

Marten Coltrane Supreme 2

The Coltrane Supreme 2 really sound absolutely fantastic.

Marten Coltrane Supreme 2

Marten Coltrane Supreme 2

All together with the rest of the coolest stuff:

Starting off with:

SMT ceiling

This is what came so late but it was worth the wait. SMT‘s amazing diffusor/reflection ceiling.

Jorma Design Statement - brand new cables

Jorma Design Statement – brand new cables

Pass Labs

Pass Labs Mono Power Amps: XS300




Pass Labs XS pre amps

Whest Audio

Whest Audio Phonostage Ref 5 MK4

Bergmann turntable

Bergmann Audio Sleipner turntable with Ortofon Mc Anna cartridge.


MSB Diamond Dac and UMT Plus



As all of us main exhibitors (Marten. Jorma Design and SMT) are Swedish we gave the entrance a slight Swedish feel with birch trunks.



Swedish flag

Dan Meinwald

Dan Meinwald doing his thing

We’ll be back tomorrow, cheers!

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January 6th, 2014

“Before anything else,

preparation is the key to success”

said Alexander Graham Bell, perhaps the worlds first audiophile. Preparing is exactly what we’re doing these days yet another time at the CES Show 2014 in glorious Las Vegas. There’s a lot work left but tomorrow the preparation should be done.

Venetian corridor

We will get back to you soon, with more stuff from it all.


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