February 23rd, 2015

High End in Stockholm

We had a great time with our guests in Stockholm a couple of weeks ago. Rui Borges and Vicky Rosario were there from Portugal as well as Marc Gomez who lives in Gothenburg but originates from Barcelona. Frank Vermeylen from Belgium and of course Michael Fremer from the US were there too so we were a very international bunch, as it normally is on these shows.



Rui Borges setting up his 200kg turntable


Rui Borges Turntables Ultimo Mk II


We did this show mostly for the fun of it and to get Swedish audiophiles a chance to listen to the mighty Coltrane Supreme 2 which made it very rewarding. We had a lot of people saying it was the best sound in show. We are prepared to agree 🙂


Analog Domain mono blocks made the set up complete.



Michael Fremer held a vinyl session that amazed the audience with tunes like ‘Mood Indigo’ with Duke Ellington.

It is always a treat to work together with such creative and passionate people so a big thank you to everyone involved.

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