January 25th, 2015

The Beligian set up

We’re having a great time here in the home land of TinTin. The set up sounds amazing and everyone seem to agree with that statement.


We’re playing on: Coltrane Supreme 2, Jeff Rowland 925 monoamps, Jeff Rowland Corus preamp, Jeff Rowland Aeris DAC, CEC TL0X transport, Lumin A1 network player, Jorma Statement/Prime cables, all on a Stillpoint rack.


The room is not only nice to look at, it helps creating a great sound as well.


The Belgian beer is flowing as it should. A fantastic type called triple brew.


Here we are: Katerin & Gydo the dealers that are arranging this beautiful show, Hans our distributor in Benelux, Jörgen and Leif.


We also have Django XL setup in another room. We also have Bird 2 in another room.


Time to celebrate a successful show! 🙂

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