January 13th, 2012

Only the sky is the limit

Venetian sky

The weather is always lovely under the painted ceiling at the Venetian:)

Here’s some more stuff from our floor.

Oracle Audio

Bright red electronics from Oracle Audio.

Oracle Audio

As well as shiny turn tables. Good stuff.

Oh, and here is of course the Djangos in Dan’s room together with the usual E.A.R. electronics.

Prima Luna

Cozy lighting in Prima Luna‘s room.

Prima Luna

Inside Prima Luna.

Lansche Audio

Good sounds in the Lansche Audio room. It almost seems they arranged their stuff according to the sunlight.

Lansche Audio

And a snake pit of cables behind:)


Rather shapely loudspeakers from Kondo.

Martin Logan

Cool sounds and colours from Martin Logan.

Here are the delicious stone crab claws at Joe’s we were talking about yesterday. We spent the evening there with Henry Ahn from SAEM Energy in Korea and his lovely family. They fly these claws fresh from Florida everyday. Apparently they never kill any crabs, they just nip one of their claws off every year and let it grow out again. Must be really annoying to be one of them crabs eh?


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