January 10th, 2012

CES kicking off!

Venetian - Las Vegas

Back at the Venetian Resort in Las Vegas for CES 2012. Marten have been exhibiting for more than a decade at CES and every year is more fun than the previous. We have now opened the doors to the Marten room and the show is already busy.

Leif is setting up the brilliant electronics we use from MBS Technology.

Of course they’re placed on our own M•Furniture audio bench.

So are our M•Amp Mono blocks.

We also make use of the transparent diffusors from Svanå Miljöteknik, just like last year.

The calm before the storm. Leif arriving to the room just before kick off to do the final fine tuning.

If you are at CES, please pay us a visit. We’re in the Venetian suite 30228. Welcome to have a listen to our new Djangos.

We’ll be back with more tomorrow.

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