May 22nd, 2011

Our youngest fan

She didn’t keep still for very long but she seemed to enjoy listening for a bit:)

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Dirk Vaehsen and Leif Olofsson

This is Dirk Vaehsen, who does product development at Accuton, having a chat to Leif.

Edit Piaf

This sounded really cool on this huge antique cinema speaker.

Silbatone Acoustics

Apparently Silbatone Acoustics get hold of these big old speakers and renovate them. Very suitable music.

German Physiks

Very special omni-polar speakers from German Physiks.


Very smart looking stuff from Swiss Revox.


They make multiroom home systems that can be controlled from your smart phone.


Definitely the nicest smelling room at the show, packed with roses and turntables from Transrotor.


A slight blade runner feel to this photo with awesome electronics from Solution. This is the new integrated amplifier with the new cd player.

Solution & Magico

More Solution together with speakers from Magico.


Shiny and classy looking stuff from French Devialet. This is a class D amplifier.


These small, sleek looking things are electronics from Restek.


This is a pic from probably the most famous beer hall in Munich, Hofbräuhaus. You can see the stage in the foreground where the Oom-pah band will play every night. This place is definitely worth a visit if you’re in Munich, it’s absolutely huge with room for more than 3500 beer drinkers.


It’s been there for more than 400 years and the biergarten at the back is lovely when the weather is nice. We spent an evening there with our mates from Finland, Hifihuone. Hopefully we’ll be back there sometime soon.

See you soon.

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  1. 1 Krka Baka said at 06:58 on May 23rd, 2011:

    One of the least involving sound was in your room guys.
    Maybe next year you will use tube power amplifiers, as the little Einstein monoblocks produced one of the best sound on original Coltrane’s.

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