March 10th, 2011

New York Tragedy

After the week at CES in Las Vegas we thought it appropriate to enjoy a few days off in cool New York. It turned out to be very cool indeed with lots of snow and chilly winds but hey, New York is New York and you can have a great time whatever the weather. And we sure did.

Square Diner - Tribeca, NYC

Our fave breakfast place - Square Diner, Tribeca.

One of the nights, we thought we might splash out a bit and went to see Italian opera tragedy, Rigoletto, and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

The Metropolitan Opera

You can see a bit of the massive Chagall paintings in the left and right windows.

It was performed at classicMetropolitan Opera or ‘The Met‘ as they call it.

Rigoletto cast at The Metropolitan Opera - New York

We managed to get a snapshot at the end even though no cameras are allowed.

Rigoletto at The Metropolitan Opera - New York

Rather posh interior, don't you think?

Before the opera we had a brilliant meal at the Oyster Bar in the basement of Grand Central Station. Highly recommended.

Oysters at the Grand Central Station Oyster bar

Delicious oysters from Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts.

If you go for a few of the delicious oysters, followed by New England Clam Chowder, together with a pint of Brooklyn Lager, you’re not only getting a proper taste of local specialities, you also get it all for around 25 bucks (including tax and tip)!

Oysters at the Grand Central Station Oyster bar

This place has been here for almost a hundred years and some of the chefs seem to have been here since the beginning:)

I must also say that the oysters are also some of the best we ever tasted.

Chilly Gonzales

New York is probably one of the best places for live music. We had such a good time listening to this fella, Chilly Gonzales. He’s a sort of stand up comedy rapper on a grand piano that often performs in a smoking robe. We caught him at Joe’s Pub, where he called his show a ‘Piano Talk Show’ which pretty much sums his style up. Definitely worth checking out if you get the chance.

More stuff from NY coming soon.



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