December 4th, 2010

Sushi and High End in Taipei, Pt Two

A report from the TAA International Hi-End Hifi-Show 2010 in Taipei. It was held back in August earlier this year. These pictures from the show taken with my iPhone so pardon the quality.

Hansen loudspeakers with Solution and dCS electronics.

Hansen loudspeakers with Solution and dCS electronics sounded very good.

Zorin tonearms and turntables from Taiwan.

Wilson Alexandria and VTL Siegfried Reference monoblock.

Anton Chang, from Soundray Electronics, changing discs.

Our room with Marten Bird playing. ASR and Bladelius electroncs.

Great food as always in Taipei. Jorma Koski enjoying some fish.

A view outside our room at the hotel the show was held.


The new Sonus Faber Fenice.

Rockport sounded great!

Great view from my hotel room.

Last but not least, the Marten Coltranes.

This was all from Taipei. A big thank you to Lee-Ming and Anton from Soundray Electronics for a great time and show.


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