January 9th, 2010

CES 2010 – TGI Friday

What type of cold do you get in a place like Las Vegas? A fake one of course. Perfumed, air-conditioned air plus jet lag can feel like a real bad cold but after a good nights sleep you feel ok again. Even just a fake cold can make your energy levels low so this day dragged on a bit.


However, we did get a load of energy back in the Kubala Sosna room in the midst of the afternoon where recording guru Jim Merod had a really nice and relaxed “show and tell”. We heard loads of anecdotes from his career and so many awesome recordings which reminded us about what this whole thing is about, music. The piece that really stuck with me was a piano recording with a pianist called Larry Fuller. Sorry to say that I can’t remember what the tune was called but this musician is definitely worth checking out. Thanks Jim for a real passionate attitude to music.


The system used was our Birds with E.A.R. Electronics Acute CD-player, 890 mono blocks, Veloce battery powered tube pre amplifier and of course Kubala Sosna cables.


Leif in the foreground listening to jazz stories.


Before that we went to the Bladelius room and had a listen to the new Getz loudspeakers with their new

power amplifier Ask.


The Bladelius Embla CD/media player.


In the Vitus Audio room the Coltrane Momentos were playing with Vitus Electronics, Bergmann air bearing turntable and Purist Audio Design cables.



Vitus mono blocks SM-010.


This is our home base, the E.A.R. room.

The system we used this year was our brand new “Getz”, E.A.R. Acute CD-player, Dic Master turntable, 912 pre amp, 509 mono blocks and of course Jorma Design new Origo cables. 


with Dan The Man playing his wicked tunes.


We also met Adrian Bankewitz from Thiel & Partner/Accuton that produces the ceramic driver units for our loudspeakers


as well as Henry Ahn, our new distributor in Korea who joined us later for a pre-amp sized steak at Ghallager’s famous steak house.


Not suitable for vegetarians.

See you tomorrow.


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4 Comments on “CES 2010 – TGI Friday”

  1. 1 Dr Moureau said at 19:43 on January 10th, 2010:

    Wish I could be there with you guys…

  2. 2 Fernando said at 23:11 on January 15th, 2010:

    PLease which is the TURNTABLE o playing in the Kubala Sosna Room? ( second phot0) Thanks.

  3. 3 bhagwan said at 07:17 on January 17th, 2010:

    The Vitus + Momento ‘looked’ good.
    How did it sound ?
    Maybe a slightly ‘bigger’ room ?
    The new phono stage – 2 chassis – looks ‘over engineered’…..
    The Lars with the ‘baby’ coltrane & Bertram Cables — how was that ? Pictures ?

    The steak – looks to die for…

    I am sure CES 2010 was a great show & specially for Marten. New D & D from Korea & Emile etc. etc.

    All the Best for 2010 !!



  4. 4 Joe Kubala said at 18:00 on February 9th, 2010:

    Hello Fernando … the TT in our room was the new Clearaudio Innovation Wood with the Universal Arm. It sounded great! Joe

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