November 30th, 2009

The great wall of sound in Beijing

Coltrane Momento

So there we were in Beijing at the biggest dealer of hig end equipment.  The dealer is called “Superwave”. This is an amazing shop with 16 listening rooms and lots and lots of high end stuff. This shop is well worth a visit.

Mr Cheng, the owner of “Superwave Group”, has 7 more shops in Beijing.


We held a press conference with 8 different magazines visiting. Five of them were not audio magazines making a quite interesting mix of journalists.



Beside the Momentos, we played with “ASR Luna 8 Exclusive” amplifier, “Gryphon Mikado Signature” cd-player and Jorma Prime cables. The sound was great in this lovely, acoustically treated room.


Our host, the owner of Superwave Mr Cheng (the gentleman right in the middle to the left of me, Leif) treated us like kings and made our stay in Beijing brilliant.



Of course we had to take a trip to the Great Wall as well. Windy weather and 10 degrees below zero made it freezing but it was still a truly amazing sight.

We thank our good friends in Beijing for a fantastic time and hope we will see you again soon.

Leif Olofsson

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