November 13th, 2009

More from Shantou

We’re now back in Hong-Kong, enjoying the craziness of this city. As we have so many photos from Shantou, I thought that I just might post some more.



Marten Coltrane Momento with ASR electronics and Jorma cables.


Musical Fidelity with their new titan power amplifier.


Sheng Ya electronics with Bower & Wilkens 800D loudspeakers.


Tim de Paravicini and our man Seven.

KEF Muon

Cooly designed KEF Muon

KEF Muon

More KEF Muon.


Ayon loudspeakers with Kondo power amplifiers.

I do apologise that all of the photos aren’t that great, we have a brand new Canon EOS 50D and we are still figuring it out. Please comment and let us know if there is anything else you would like to see on this blog, or if you can think of any other improvements. We only just started and I guess we’re learning as we go 🙂

Mr Marten will be in snowy Beijing this weekend for a demo of Momento together with ASR electronics with Jorma cables of course. He will post some more photos from that event. Maybe some more close ups of the ASR electronics that everyone seem so keen on.

Cheerio from Hong-Kong


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