November 4th, 2013

Electric blues boy

James Blake

One evening not long ago we went to see wonder child James Blake at Shepherd’s Bush Empire in London. A wonderful experience of sound, light and music. There have been a lot of superlatives mentioned about this guy before but we thought it wouldn’t hurt to add some to the collection.

He has an incredible talent of making his recorded electronic Dubstep inspired music sound extremely warm and fuzzy. When he performs this live it has an even more warm and personable. He has an incredible control over his voice and records the imaginative backing vocals on spot until it reaches some kind of nirvana of unusual harmonies. Even though the control of the voice it only sounds as if just happens, that it’s just the way he sings and always did without any training. During the concert you become embedded into his world of warm, and beautifully moody sounds and even the dadaism-ish sampled lyrics become sort of meaningful and poetic: Look I found her red coat, look I found her, DAMN!

Well done Mr Blake, we will make an effort to see you again.

Photo by Siamak Amini

Photo by Siamak Amini

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