May 4th, 2012

Behind the Scenes

These are the cables we use in both of our set ups, from Purist, good stuff.

We have been so busy today that we haven’t managed to go for a stroll yet, hopefully later on this afternoon. I guess we can show you some more stuff from our room instead:)


Django XL hiding behind the pretty diffusors from Svanå Miljöteknik.

Nagra 300B

This year we share room with Nagra which is really cool. This is their 300B awesome tube amp that we use with Miles 5.

Miles 5

Miles 5

Diffusors by Svanå Miljöteknik

Diffusors by Svanå Miljöteknik


Busy as usual.

Kuzma turntable

The brand new Kuzma turntable that we play with Miles 5

Main setup

The main setup.

Nagra Jazz

This is Nagra’s latest pre amp Jazz. Big news on the High End 2012.

We’ll be back soon with more.


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