May 21st, 2011

More music in Munich

Bavarian State Opera

We would’ve loved to go to the opera here in Munich, it’s supposed to be brilliant but there’s not enough time for that unfortunately. Maybe next time.



Across the square from the Munich Opera House there’s a proper old skool German Restaurant called Spatenhaus. They serve delicious German classics such as suckling pig, sausages, sauerkraut and white asparagus with Sauce Hollandaise. It would be impossible to leave the place hungry, as the portions are very German as well:) Our friends from China enjoyed as much as we did I think.


From left to right, Jörgen’s hand, our distributor in Taiwan – Anton Chang, Anders, our production guy, Jorma Koski, Leif, Mr Wu  – our distributor in China, Mr Lee Ming, Anton’s father and distributor in Taiwan and Leo Yeh, who has the very acclaimed online hifi magazine,

High End 2011

That was yesterday and we did survive the evening’s shenanigans so this morning we had a look at these few rooms.


This is Genelec’s very Scandinavian looking room, a nicely stylish space with very good sounding active monitor speakers.



This is where their factory is located. If I were to ever work at a factory I would love for it to be there.


Fridge sized horn speakers from Acapella. Big and impressive sounding.

The Lars

Here is beautiful The Lars tube amplifiers together with the rather sizable and interesting looking horn speakers from Absolue Creations.

The Lars

This room had a really nice and calm feel to it as well as great sounds.

Wilson Audio

The Wilson Audio room had their only light source from the glass roof which made for a really nice and mellow look.

Emm Labs

They are using Emm Labs CD source.


Voxativ monolithical speakers. Rather impressive.


Today’s fave record has been ‘We are the Robots’ with Kraftwerk. Every time our room is empty we put this on really loudly and soon enough the room is starting to fill up again:) It sounds awesome. Very suitable when in Germany.

Auf wiedersehen.


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