March 24th, 2010

Kaohsiung Hi-End 2010, Taiwan

Here I am in the lovely city Kaohsiung (second largest city after Taipei)  in south of Taiwan. This is the 7th time in Taiwan for me, but only the second time in Kaohsiung. The first time was for a couple of chaotic hours 6 years ago, so it was nice to see more of this city and stay for a number of days.

The reason I was here was for the Hi-End show that is held yearly in March. The show was at the big Ambassador Hotel downtown in Kaohsiung.

The surrounding was lovely and the weather was nice with a temperature of 25-30 degrees C, especially when compared with Sweden that had -5 degrees C and snow at the same time.

I was invited by Mr Lee from Genesis Audio, our dealer in Kaohsiung and Soundray Electronics, our distributor in Taiwan.

We were playing with our new Coltrane Momento in Walnut finish, double ASR Luna 8 amplifiers in bi-amping mode, Bladelius Gondul M LE dsic-player and Jorma Design Prime cabling. It was a fairly big room of 50 sqm and quite nice acoustics and I must say the sound was very nice.

Here are a couple of pics from the show. Sorry for the sometimes bad quality but I used my iPhone for some of the photos. I must also thank my good friend Mr Leo Yeh for lending some of his excellent photos from his forum .

Nice flower arrangement in the lobby.

Two new co-workers in the Marten company?

Our new Getz with beautiful company.

Nice set-up with Sonus Faber, Audio Research and Playback System.

Stylish new Stello electronics.

Vivid Audio Giya together with Burmester.

Always nice sounding Delight Audio system.

Me talking about the Momento.

Dynaudio / Audio Research.

Nice Venture loudspeakers.

There was alot of records for sale. Both new and second hand.

Taiwan made Zorin Audio turntable.

That’s all from the Hi-End show in Kaohsiung.

I will post more from this trip later on.


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3 Comments on “Kaohsiung Hi-End 2010, Taiwan”

  1. 1 behrang said at 15:34 on March 26th, 2010:

    hi marten
    im really excited you went to taiwan thats cool!i think you were so fun there lucky you

    i ve just heard that in near future it is suppose to perform a set of marten speakers with vitus Amp and DCS sourse in Tehran and i think it will be perfect demo

    i should tell that the speakers is much nice than the Taiwanes
    im waiting for your nice and perfect reviewes
    be so merry


  2. 2 Leif said at 14:11 on March 28th, 2010:

    Hi behrang,
    yes thats right we have a new distributor in Theran. The Marten loudspeakers will work extremely nice together with Vitus and dcS.

    I’m nut sure that I agree with you about the loudspekaers and the Taiwanese girls though :-).


  3. 3 behrang said at 17:06 on March 28th, 2010:

    in my idea the ASR should be warned up at least 150 hours to get to the best efficiency but i was wondering about the conditions in taiwan!

    im waiting to hear this lovely speakers in Yara Mana

    i wanna tell that the stability of Speakers are more long than taiwanese

    at the end i wana tell that my experience is on Home Theater not much on the Hi-Fi but i really hope to have more information of Hi-Fi wiht your help and experiences.



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