March 11th, 2010

Divine music at Nefertiti

One Friday night in February we got a table at the brilliant jazz spot called Nefertiti in Gothenburg. We suffer from a very cold and extremely snowy winter in Gothenburg and we needed to warm ourselves with some high quality live music.

One of Marten´s all time favorites singers Jeanette Lindström visited Gothenburg with her band. We think she is number one in Sweden as a jazz vocalist. We are using one of the tracks from Jeanette Lindström’s and Steve Dobrogosz’s record Feathers from 2000 on the ‘burn in’ CD that comes with the manual of each pair of Marten speakers. Feathers is a Burt Bacharach songs album, with simply vocals and piano. It is a lot more mainstream than her quite recently released record (her 9th) that won a Swedish Grammy for best Jazz record in January. This record has a space theme and it is called ‘Attitude & Orbit Control’ and is not entirely a traditional jazz album.

The concert was quite interesting and followed the space theme in it’s mood. Jeanette brought a great band with electric bass guitar, electric guitar, drums and keyboards. The musicians played with maximum concentration and timing, mainly coming from Magnus Öström the drummer from former EST, Esbjörn Svensson Trio. Sadly there is no EST any longer since the pianist Esbjörn Svensson passed away in a diving accident 2008.

Magnus and Jeanette Lindström were leading her band (and the audience) with a firm hand. She is a lot more than just a singer – her voice is strong, crystal clear, very rich and full of timbre. And she quite often uses it as an instrument of wordless singing to great effect with the band. There was a splendid quality to the live sound, even though we didn’t have the best seats. Thanks to sound engineer Åke Linton, who is listed as one of the musicians in the band, we got a full bodied sound experience.

Thank you Jeanette and the band for a great concert – it sure helped us overcoming our winter blues when we are longing for the spring that still seems to be far away.


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